It is important to make sure that proper coding and markup is used, so that content is available to anyone accessing the webpage (including those using assistive technologies, such as screen readers). This means using tags that are descriptive, unique, and clearly indicate the meaning of webpage content, as well as indicating what languages are being used on the page (e.g., lang=”en”). Additionally, for a screen reader to effectively navigate through the content presented on a webpage, elements should be structured logically and intuitively. In other words, there should be a single straightforward path through a webpage.

CEL Accessibility Guidance (derived from WCAG 2.0) Addressing the Use of Images:

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  • Key Terms

    1. Must means do things in the manner described exactly.
    2. Should means do things in the manner described unless there is a good reason not to [i.e., instructor has other needs].
    3. [Supplementary information] is provided in square brackets.