As is the case with non-decorative images, a text alternative must be included when media content (e.g., video, audio, slide-based presentations, etc.) is used on a webpage. Controls must be provided for any media content that plays automatically, moves, blinks, or auto-updates. This means including controls that allow the user to stop, pause, or hide content with a visual component, and controls that allow the user to mute and adjust volume of content with an audio component. Additionally, special attention must be given when producing flashing content (e.g., do not use content that flashes more than 3 times per second; see Seizures: Understanding Guideline 2.3 for more information), and speech audio must have very low background noise. Note: If text is included in media content, then it must adhere to the standards listed in the “Colour” section.

CEL Accessibility Guidance (derived from WCAG 2.0) Addressing the Use of Media:

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    1. Must means do things in the manner described exactly.
    2. Should means do things in the manner described unless there is a good reason not to [i.e., instructor has other needs].
    3. [Supplementary information] is provided in square brackets.